H&H consulting engineers was formed in 1984 by structural engineers Geoff Henry, Ian Hymas and Robert Fletcher.

Intent on providing innovation to the construction industry this partnership successfully developed processes for design and shop detailing for the tilt-up and precast construction industry. The benefit of tilt-up and precast construction were embraced by the development industry and continue to be a preferred method of construction today. Their effort and determination laid the foundation for Henry and Hymas and the range of structural engineering and complimentary engineering services we offer today.

Henry and Hymas now boast over 70 professional engineers in two states delivering civil, structural, tilt-up and precast, water and infrastructure projects for developers, utilities and government. We are proud of our history and will continue to build on this quintessentially Australian success story.

Progressive leadership selected the water and infrastructure industries to integrate into the successful civil and structural business. As a result our resources, skills and capacity has expanded and boasts a number of iconic water and wastewater projects. With strong leadership, talented management and motivated staff Henry and Hymas look forward to continued growth of all areas of our business.


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henry&hymas Consulting Engineers are civil, structural, water, environmental and infrastructure design and construction...

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henry&hymas enjoy strong leadership, a talented workforce and great culture.

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