henry&hymas consulting engineers provide cost effective building investigations and remedial engineering solutions for asset, strata and building managers.  

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Remedial & Strata Reporting

Henry & Hymas provide comprehensive investigations and building defect reports identifying structural issues, rectification priorities and remedial works. We can also be engaged for coordination and supervision of project work.  Our remedial engineering team is highly experienced and provide superb service.

Structural and remedial engineering

With over 30 years of structural and remedial engineering experience we are superbly qualified to conduct building condition assessments, defect audits and provide preliminary and comprehensive reports for owners corporations, property and asset managers.

The implications of defects can be devastating to owners so it’s incumbent on managers to use highly skilled and experienced consultants. We have carried out thousands of inspections and reported on almost every conceivable building defect.

Structural diagnostics & building audits

Building structures age, foundations settle and walls move. Building facades deteriorate and connections decay and corrode. Windows leak, render cracks, brick ties corrode. Buildings can become dangerous and need to be audited periodically to identify risks to the community, other structure and assets.

Henry and Hyams are on-call for the largest facility managers in the world and hundreds of local strata and property managers to respond to urgent issues with buildings and structures. We have identified critical ‘code red’ issues on number of occasions requiring immediate works to eliminate threat to life and property.


Henry & Hymas carry out dilapidation reports for builders, local government and infrastructure projects. Construction work creates vibration and the can impact the structure and integrity of surrounding structures. A thorough photographic record and assessment of the buildings, homes, infrastructure, facilities is essential to protect asset owners and managers.

Concrete Spalling (concrete cancer) caused by Magnesite

Concrete spalling is caused when steel reinforcement in concrete begins to rust. When steel rusts it expands causing concrete cracking and flaking. Voids are create allowing water ingress compromising the concrete strength.

Many properties constructed in the 1980s used magnesite topping as an insulation layer over concrete slab.  It was later realised magnesite could leach chloride ion into concrete slabs and if subjected to moisture causes steel reinforcement to rust leading to concrete spalling (concrete cancer).

During removal of floor covering, extensive concrete spalling to concrete slabs has been discovered.  Henry & Hymas Remedial Engineers are engaged by the strata and property manager to investigate the cause of the concrete spalling & provide suitable recommendations on rectification and technical supervision during the repair.

Conventional treatment normally involves scabbling & removing the concrete cover up to 30-40mm to the entire floor slab to remove the contaminated concrete.  Henry & Hymas Remedial Engineers may also have recommended alternative cost effective non-destructive approaches such as to poultice concrete slabs to extract excessive chloride from the contaminated concrete.  During the investigations, detailed reports for insurance purpose can be prepared to assist with claims.

Waterproofing and Flashing Repairs

Whilst waterproofing membranes are commonly used to prevent water ingress through a structure, flashing and capping is typically used at wall and roof intersections to seal and protect structural joints from water penetration.   Joints formed from intersections of walls or roof mounted structures are often one of the most vulnerable areas and are extremely susceptible to water leaks.  Planter box leaking is another common issue which requires expert advice to specify an effective solution.

Henry & Hymas Remedial Engineers provide project management services including preparation of a cost effective scope of works, and tender documents, contract administration and remedial building management.


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