henry&hymas Consulting Engineers are pioneers of tilt-up and precast engineering solutions. The benefit of tilt-up construction was realised in the early 1990’s and is now the preferred method of construction for many industrial, commercial and retail precincts. Our tilt-up and precast team have enormous capacity to prepare detailed design and detail shop drawings for the construction industry.

The promotion of tilt-up and precast technology in Australia is inextricably linked to the success and growth of henry&hymas

Tilt-up, precast design and shop detailing plays a key role in our business and continues to be an area of innovation for henry&hymas. As a result we enjoy excellent relationships in the design and construction industry through its support of and innovation in the tilt-up and precast industry.

Our tilt-up design team has delivered thousands of projects in the industrial, commercial, retail and residential sectors, including factories, warehouses, shopping centres, schools, offices and sporting facilities.

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Tilt-Up & Precast

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